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Dynamic Software Engineer with a proven track record at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, enhancing customer experiences and driving sustainability initiatives. Expert in full-stack development, utilizing Node.js, React.js, HTML, and JavaScript, with a keen ability for scripting and database management. Experienced in working in team-oriented software development projects and agile development methodologies. Passionate about developing innovative and efficient software solutions that meet customer needs.

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My Work

Here are some of my recent projects!

Search Engine

A personalized search engine with interactive webpages and widgets. Create your account today!

Milligan Remodeling Website

A customized website for a small construction company built as a group project for a previous class which has a MySQL database for customer payment information.

Stars and Globe Background

A Lively HTML background featuring moving stars, a rotating globe, and smaller planets that display the weather and a button for turning on/off wifi lights when clicked.

Athens Dawg Co. Website

A customized website for my small merchandise company, Athens Dawg Co.

Browser Extension Widgets

A personalized browser extension that displays widgets when pressed. The extension features calendar, weather, bible, news, light, and stock widgets that can be moved around in a customized order.

My Personal Website

My personal website featuring my work and a trendy design.

New Media Institute

Check out my work pursuing the New Media Certificate at UGA!

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